Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It all began with one step...

I don't remember how I started running. The only thing I do remember is running in some old chucks thinking it was okay to do that. I also remember trying to lose weight and how difficult it was to run 4 blocks (about 1/2 a mile). I would wake up every morning during the summer of '09 and hit the sidewalk, in my old converse haha. I vaguely remember finishing a mile in about 13 minutes, not really sure, but something close to that. Looking back now, I'm very proud of myself. When I first started running, I would only workout for about half an hour, now I can not only run for more, but for longer distances. I still have my first "official" pair of real running shoes in my closet. One day I plan to lower my time to atleast 8 min miles (Currently at about 9.30min/mi). My weight of course came off easily after I began running. When I went back to school in the fall, everyone noticed right away, and kept asking, how did I do it? It had felt too easy. I had fallen in love with running, I hadn't noticed the weight coming off. I felt really good. Running made me feel powerful, fearless and strong. Sadly, winter season came along, and I took a break. Well, that break brought back the weight.. and then FINALLY spring came back. And there I went again.
That was my senior year in highschool, when there was no such thing as a track field inside our school. Now 2 years later, I'm a Sophomore in college, with a gym at my school! and a track field! yay for me! lol Since January 31st, I've lost about 20 lbs, we're now in the beginning of November, and I'm scared for winter season. But I'm very determined to keep losing this weight. With some running, healthy normal eating, and some p90x (or other form of strength training) I will hopefully meet my goal one day.