Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Race Recap: Midwinter Cruise 5k

Ahh! So I seriously have like 5 minutes to type this because class is about to start and I know if I keep delaying it, I'm never going to type this thing up.

First things first. I don't know why I signed up for this race knowing I had to crap out a 17 miler that day but we signed up either way. Race started at 10:30am, which would've been a great thing if it wasn't for the long run, (we typically set out early on Sundays so by the time 10 o'clock comes around, we're back in our PJs and having a delicious breakfast at home). Last Sunday was different. We were on time, early actually. It was chilly but not extremely cold like TODAY! OMG!

My goal: sub 23

Race Morning
The morning of, I got hungry, since it was already 9 and I had nothing to do but wait until start time. I ate half a slice of pizza the night before, and then I finished it in the morning. Bam. Race Breakfast: cold pizza and half a banana. Not a good idea... I was also trying out some jelly beans for the long run and my smart ass decided to take them before the 5k (my excuse: the package said take them atleast 30 mins in advance)

Finish Time: 22:57
1st Place 20-24
3rd Overall F
The dude says go.. we shoot off. Literally, I just sprinted off. (--->)

I felt good the first mile and half way thru the 2nd, my best friend decides to die (my ipod). I cannot race without music. Nope. Not even a 5k. I hate my breathing, I have no motivation, it's just BORING. So ofcourse my 2nd split sucked.. and the fact that i kept trying to rescue my ipod by fumbling with the buttons, I was just distracting myself... I wasn't able to save it :(
Then I gagged. Out of no where. FML. Do NOT puke.
I kept running and my stomach was telling me to slow down before i hurled.. So I did (slow down).
As I got near the finish line, I saw JV! and he ran with me towards the finish. I was trying to catch deep breathes... not just because i was tired but because i was getting gaggy all over again.

We went inside and drank some gatorade, which helped a little. And I was able to get a few pancakes down.. since we had 14 miles to cover after this. Boo. I never actaully puked, which is a good thing,  but after the 14 miler, (got gaggy again during the long run) I wasn't able to get a meal down all day. Note to self: no pizza, or jelly beans

Anywho, back to the race itself.
Nice small local race. I loved loved loved the pancakes! So delicious. And they had plenty for everyone. Everyone received an award for finishing. There was age group awards and even random prizes being given out to runners. Overall, I would probably do it again (just for the pancakes and the prizes).


We arrived about 30 minutes prior to the start.  They had free parking and enough room, which is always great.  The bib numbers were being distributed inside the school’s cafeteria.  They also gave all the participants the option to pick blue, gray, or black gloves.  As the race time got closer, all the runners went outside to start getting ready to line up.   As we lined up, I noticed that there was no timed mat at the starting line.  They told us that we would have to run two laps then make a left turn to finish.  I was confused, but didn’t really mind because ill be following.

There was a man who was doing countdown, but after the countdown ended everybody seemed confused.  It seemed like everybody was unsure whether to go or not. I started my Garmin as soon as the man finished counting down and took off.  But for some reason the guy in front of me didn’t and I ended up crashing with him and pushing him from behind haha.  After this happened, everybody took off!  As the race took off, we both laughed it off saying how usually there’s a gun or a horn.   After we took off, I quickly felt that we were definitely going at a fast pace.  I was with 5 other guys in the front just trying to my best to keep up.  These guys were obviously fast and were competitive.  Four of them were ahead in front of me and one was behind me, but I didn’t mind.  I did mile 1 at 5:58 and felt okay.  As we were going for our second lap, I noticed behind there was one guy from the group of 5 who was trying to catch up to me.  I did my best to keep him off.  Mile 2 was done at 6:30.  This made me feel a bit discouraged, but I didn’t let it bother me.  It was during this time I told myself that I better start pushing it.  I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure nobody would pass me.  I managed to do my 3rd mile in 19 minutes.  This is when the finish line came in sight and I did my best to sprint towards it.   When I crossed the finish line I saw 19:37, but for some reason the results said 19:42.  Either way, I shaved a few seconds of my total time and PRed.  I also managed to get first place in 20-24 age group , which is always great.

After the race we headed back to the school’s cafeteria were they were giving out free pancakes and sausage links. Yummy!   

-Free pancakes !!
-Finishers award for all participants
-They had raffles and were giving out awards to the winners
-Age group awards
-Race day pick up
-Free parking
-Timed course
-They had volunteers at each mile marker telling you, your total time.
-Free gloves
-No timing mat at start line



  1. Yay! Congrats on 1st AG to both of you! This does sound like a perfect, low key, local race! Boo to the 14 miles after! Just kidding, hee hee :)

  2. Great job! Sounds like a fun race. Maybe I can work it in next year.