The Journey from Obesity

Began: January 31 2011, there I stood at 176lbs.

Every one has their own story to tell, things/people/events that have changed their lives..
Mine began on January 31st 2011. That day, I weighed myself and realized I had gained weight, AGAIN. This was my second semester of college.. and I thought "damn you freshman 15". That day I realized something... standing at 5'2, I was considered obese (according to my BMI of 32.2).

I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I don't remember ever weighing more than that but I bet it came close to 180 at some point near Christmas of 2010. I didn't think it was that bad, until I googled my BMI. Obese. What was I doing wrong that labeled me as an obese teenager?

I decided I wanted to lose weight and not just go on a diet, but really change my lifestyle. I didn't start losing a noticeable amount of weight until after spring. I increased my workouts, more effort in my runs and I also started watching what I was really eating. It took time. It took EFFORT.

I believe that like any journey, you have to make a plan. Have goals in mind. Have the strength to conquer anything that gets in between you and that goal.
You have to have the mindset that ANYTHING is possible.

Before I started my journey, I doubted many things. I doubted I would ever get anywhere. I doubted I would ever be anything close to my goal weight. My goal "self".

Nothing comes easy, but I tried my best. Never giving up. A year and a few weeks later... VOILA!

 Anyone can do it. I've learned so much and I have changed, not only physically but mentally. This summer, I finally wore a two-piece to the beach. To me, it was more than just wearing a bathing suit, I felt I was able to have some confidence in myself and I wasn't afraid to be judged. I also ran my very first Half Marathon in June of 2012, something I thought was near impossible at one point.

But my way of thinking has also changed since then.. my lowest weight came down to about 133lbs at some point after hitting my goal weight. I had achieved my goal of 145 the winter of 2011. After New Years, I thought to myself  "What now?". Well.. I thought, why not strive for more? During those winter days, I would run a minimum of 6 miles everyday, I would strictly watch what I would eat, not really enjoying myself. I had reached a point where running was no longer enjoyable and I did it in order to keep losing weight. I started weighing-in myself more than usual, and started falling into bad habits. I started developing disordered eating habits. At the time I thought, well isn't this what it takes? Aren't I suppose to stick with my plan? Be disciplined? I was so focused on numbers and scales and standards. In my mind, I didn't look like a runner. Things started getting worst when I started racing, and I felt like I was slow because of my weight. Not only was my weight pressuring me, but also my time and pace as a runner.

Over time, I became comfortable with myself. I wasn't and I'm currently not thin, but I feel fit and healthy. I feel like numbers had blurred my vision on what really matters. I was so focused on a number and completely forgot the most important thing: I am healthy. Whether I'm considered overweight or normal, or whether or not I look like a runner, I am me. And I have learned to accept myself for who I am. I may not run a 6 minute mile, but I CAN RUN. I would've never pictured myself running over 2 miles, and have overcame that. I had taken the little things for granted.

Day to day, I still struggle from pushing away those negative thoughts and self-judgements, but at the end of the day, my body will be there for me, therefore I will take care of it as much as I can. The hard work I put in, will pay off in the end.

So what's my goal for 2013?

#1 Priority: Maintain my weight & love myself               #2: Strive for a better, healthier Luz
Before And Now...
Summer Vacation - May 2011, around 170 lbs
August & November 2012, about 135 lbs

Olddddd pictures...



  1. Wow! thats an amazing story! I am trying to loose some weight but am having trouble. :/

    1. I need to update this page lol don't worry too much about weight Christina! You look really healthy! And you just finished a 10k! :)

  2. I never read this page before, but this is amazing! I love that you decided to embrace a healthier lifestyle instead of just dieting. I think this is where a lot of people go wrong, and the don't have long term success. I feel like I went through something similar ... slowly gaining weight after college, until finally I realized I needed to approach it as a change in lifestyle in order to be healthy, and not just "I'm doing this to lose weight." Anyway, you look fantastic!