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Hello :) This is a shared blog between two crazy people who enjoy running in 20 degree weather together and going on midnight runs..

Pronounced loose. It is Spanish for "light". Or often friends just call me Lucy. I am a Junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This past August, I finally declared my major and minor. My plan was to go straight into Nursing school after my Junior year, but things don't often go the way we plan. So, I have decided to finish my bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Nutrition by May 2014 (fingers crossed). If things go as I planned, maybe even a Masters in Nursing.

Why a running blog?
Well, it was sort of a summer thing I started this year. After reading about other peoples running experiences, I thought maybe I could also share a story or two of my own.


I started running the summer before my Senior year in High School, but back then I would call it "jogging". I would never base my runs on pace, (or speed) but time I would spend out there. I was a chunky gal throughout my whole life and running kept me away from gaining even more weight. The big change came in 2011. Since then, I try to challenge myself as much as I can, there are no limits. Whenever McSpeedy asks, "can we do it?" I don't think about it twice.

JV for short. I met him Fall of 2008 in biology class & we have been inseparable since. We were best friends throughout high school, joined swimming together and eventually became running buddies. He is not only my boyfriend, but a friend I can go on crazy running adventures with.

Other things I like...
Swimming, Biking, Korean dramas, yoga, p90x, insanity, Hello Kitty things, , the color Pink, Chinatown, watching The Walking Dead, shopping, running clothes, donating blood or platelets, volunteering at expos and races (free stuff lol), FOOD! (chinese, mexican, italian... you name it), I LOVE SUSHI, dessert, trying new food places out (all with moderation ofcourse :)
FOOD! <3
I also like to help people achieve their goals and try to set an example for others.
Motto's I go by:
anything is possible

Believe. Commit. Achieve.

My friends and family call me Javi.  I was born in California, but moved to Chicago as a kid. I currently attend a community college where I’m finishing my coursework to transfer to the University of Illinois at Chicago in pursue of my Bachelors degree.  My intended major is Computer Science and will be graduating in 2015.

When I was younger I always considered running as a workout to burn calories and to stay in shape.  I would go on 20-30 minute (3mile) runs and call it a day.   This workout eventually became a burden and led me to give up on all running.  This soon changed in the spring of 2011, when I decided I wanted to give running another shot.  I started by running around my local park/neighborhood and it led me to run races and eventually my first marathon. My view on running has definitely changed over the years.  Now, I don’t consider running a burden, but as a passion and something that I love to do and share with my girlfriend. 

Light Lite Luz!
My best friend since high school, my running partner, and my girlfriend.    We love running! Many people think were crazy for running in extremely hot/cold weather.  We always run races together and are always pushing each other to do our best.   Luz has been my biggest supporter since day one and I can’t thank her enough for everything.

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  1. Hey - love the blog! I'm a huge runner and I'm so jealous of couples who share that passion!

    Wanted to tell you guys about a new iphone app for runners called 312Go. It just came out a few days ago.

    Basically...as you run the app uses geo-tracking technology to trigger audio files around the city. Right now there are over 1500 audio files in chicago's downtown and near north side. App also tracks your fitness stats. Great way to learn more about Chicago while you run and also a great distraction!

    There's more info at the website: www.312go.com

    Or, I can be contacted at brentwengel@gmail.com