Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 "To Do List" Draft

The year isn't over just yet but I'm really excited for the new year. I even started making my list of things to cross off. :)

Looking back, 2012 was a pretty darn good year. No injuries that sidetracked me. No DNFs. PRs. Awesome races and goodies. School and work cooperated with my running schedule. NO SNOW YET! (awesome in my opinion) Although I probably should want some snow and hard weather conditions to train in, my toes prefer dry sidewalks thank you :)

So.. 13 things on the top of my head to cross-off in 2013 include...

1) Complete the LA Marathon in March, injury-free
2) Run a 1:45 half marathon (current PR 1:48)
3) Run a sub 23min 5k
4) Do a night run
5) go vegetarian for 2 weeks
6) run a sub-48min 10k
7) Run a race in Canada!
8) pay off my credit card
9) do a Halloween race & dress up :)
10) Run 1400 miles in 2013
11) Participate in a mud run
12) attempt a duathlon or sprint tri
13) raise $500 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation

of course these are just random things I thought of within 5 mins or things I'm curious about.. (or things already in my race calendar) so of course this list will change, but hopefully I get most of these things done (especially #8 haha) 

14) Complete 21 races before turning 21 (may 21 2013) Golden Birthday :) nvm, too broke :(
15) Run a marathon faster than Sarah Palin lol
16) Eventually rename this blog... I never actually "named" it. It was more of a heading and it stuck. haha
17) run a 5k with my dad

18) Tone up and lose a couple more pounds

What things are you planning for 2013?
Any resolutions? Goals?


  1. I want to be at my goal weight in 2013, Run at least 100 miles a month, and maybe do the Athens Classic Marathon in Greece! I also want to get faster too! Haha. Great to do list! :)

    1. A marathon in Greece! Thats awesome! An you'll def get faster in 2013. You've been training hard Christina :)

  2. This reminds me, i need to work on my list!! :D Sounds like a very exciting 2013