Sunday, August 19, 2012

7 Days

One week left of "vacation" before school begins, and I haven't even done half the things on my Summer Bucket list. Damn you school.. one day I shall be proud of receiving my diploma, but not today, not when it means my summer is over :(

I can't believe today is Sunday. 7 days ago, I was so happy I was finally on vacation, but this Sunday means there's only 7 days left before I'm a prisoner at school. What the hell did I do for the past week?!
Oh yeah.. lay around, go for a run... shower...lay around some more.. ocassionally clean up my room, eat and eat some more. Productive much?

Here's my handy dandy workout log.. I think I did good and used my time wisely in this area lol. I was aiming for 30+ preferably 35miles, and I actually got 43.5 miles done. AND got TWO p90x workouts done. Yeeeeah!  (Overachiever? :) 

Monday- 6mi bike, 6mi recovery run, half of P90x Chest & Back + Abs
Tuesday- 3 mi
Wednesday- 5 mi
Thursday- p90x Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper (Running-Rest)
Friday- 11mi LSD, avg HR 153
Saturday- 5 mi pyramid speed run + 0.4mi cool down
Sunday - 13.1mi unofficial PR (1:52:48) 
OH yeah. Forgot to mention I unofficially PRed my 13.1 miler today. by 4 minutes. can you say HOLY S***!?! yeah. I did. I gotta owe it to the BF. Although I was slowing him down... he paced me and pushed me till the end. (And put up with my loud, off-pitch singing) 
He deserves the best boyfriend award for that :)

Yummy protein shake after the 13miler! Vanilla Cinnamon-Banana Shake 
Pretty trail! New fav route 
McSpeedy pacing me

Ah. I'm going to miss laying around but this week has to be different! Hopefully.

So far my list included:
-Running w/ McSpeedy along lakefront
-Open water swim (I'll take swimming in a pool one last time)
-Bike along lakefront
-Beach! (doubt it's going to get 90+ degrees anymore.. )
-Clean out my room and closet (this is a MUST)
-school supply/book/clothes shopping

What I accomplished this past week?
-Cooked for myself the entire week! :)
-PRed HM distance ;)
-Ran a new route
-added some color into my hair
-Hung out/shopped with a friend

Hmm... I would say semi-successful week?

:) Happy Sunday!

Today's Long Run! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Race Recap: Chicago 10k

I can honestly say that all hard work really pays off. My #1 goal was to finish under 50 minutes. #2 goal was to beat my old PR of 52:21. Little did I know I had it in me all along...

I learned my lesson from the last race, and had everything prepared the night before. I had my clothes, shoes, bib, and all the other good stuff good to go.

What was more shocking was that the race began at 8am. (Rock N Roll began at 6:30, see the difference?) I got to sleep in, till about 6:30ish. :)

On our way to Grant Park, the anxiety started kicking in. I couldn't get a good nights sleep because of it either. Lining up at the start line, I turned up my music and let everything else fade around me.

There was only about 2,000 runners for this race, so the lake shore trail wasn't heavily congested at any point and there was enough room. I first lined up at the 7:00min start, so I felt like I was going really slow compared to those around me, but looking down at my Garmin I was going at a 7:15 pace. I settled in to a comfortable pace and kept my eyes on my Garmin. I didn't feel thirsty so I only grabbed water from one stop. I started feeling my legs getting tired at around mile 4. My mile splits had surprised the heck out of me.
(Mile 1- 7:50,  Mile 2- 7:52, Mile 3- 7:59, Mile 4- 7:55)
I had never kept up a sub-8 pace for more then 3 miles. I was looking down at my watch like "wha??" I couldn't believe I really had it in me. The days leading up to the race, I had been looking up my calculated avg pace if I wanted to finish at 50 mins.. and I remember it being an 8:02. After mile 4, I felt like maybe I could actually finish at a sub 8 avg pace. The last mile flew by. I ran it faster than my 5th. Finishing the 6th mile was tough though (Mile 6- 8:04). I was waiting for the 6 mile mark, but I missed it. Instead I looked at my watch, I had about a minute and a half to spare for the last 0.2mi.. There was a turn before we got to see the finish line, I don't know why they do this almost every single time. The finish line is either after a big hill, a turn, or both (Hot Chocolate). So there was only about a 0.2 mile stretch from the turn and the finish line. But then again, I don't know if I prefer seeing the finish line from a mile away. But anyways, as soon as I turned up that small hill, there it was. I ran and saw the clock at 49minutes. Sprinted (@6:57 pace). Then succeeded. 49:44.

-finished below 49:59
-finished with an avg pace of 8:02
-got 7th Place in the female 20-24 AG
-had fun and felt great the whole time

I would've never dreamed of achieving even the things I thought were once impossible.

After the race we hung out near the finish line, cheered on the other runners and went out for a celebratory brunch. Me and McSpeedy had both PRed, and both our moms were there to cheer us on (a first, my mom had never gone to any of my races) so it was kind of a big deal. He had finished at 40:46 with a 6:32 pace (Yeah, I know, can you say Bolt #2?) You can read his recap below. Def a happy, successful race for both of us.

Pros about the race:
-Perfect number of runners
-Nice course (trail, it was ok)
-Aid stations were there about every 1.5 miles
-Nice medal, nice looking shirt
-Cool poster
-Goodies at the end

-T-shirts were unisex, so my Small, felt like a X-Large

Overall, great race. Def will do this again next year.


Race Recap: Chicago 10k By McSpeedy :)

One minute to the start of the race!!

I'm so anxious and excited for it to the start! Luckily, I've been training with my new Garmin 410 the week prior to the race and it has this cool feature that really comes in handy, called Virtual Partner. This feature basically paces you by selecting your desired time you want to run each mile at. I selected 6'18'' per mile because i wanted to finish under 40 minutes for my 10k. I double checked everything to make sure that I’m good to go. I'm ready! The race started and runners scattered everywhere!

I was in the front and runners immediately started going fast. I didn't want to make the mistake of going out too fast too early, then end up slowing down for the rest of the race so I constantly kept looking at my Garmin at each mile marker. As we were finishing the first mile, I glanced at my Garmin and it said 6'12''. I thought oh no >_< , I'm going to pay for this later lol.

After the first mile, I felt comfortable and there was a small pack of runners ahead of me that I tried to keep up with. The pack of runners were still together by mile 2 as we passed by Soldier Field. I looked at my Garmin at mile 2 and my pace was still at 6’12’’. This gave me a huge confidence boost. I thought to myself if I maintain this pace for the next 4 miles, I'll definitely meet my goal time. Unfortunately, by the time mile 3 came along I started to fall behind and slow down. I tried not to worry about it, thinking to myself that I'll eventually catch up to them, but deep down I knew I needed to push harder. My time for mile 3 was 6'26''(or 18:50). I definitely slowed down by a lot and I knew it. I knew I had to do something to keep me going. I got really happy when I saw the turn around part of the race. I knew I was about halfway done. I kept running and started to get little discouraged when my Garmin said I was falling off pace. This all changed when I finally hit mile 4. The mile marker sign said I did my 4 miles in 25 ish. I knew I still had enough time to meet my goal. So I started to push myself even harder. By the time mile 5 came along, there were only 2 runners in front of me. They were too far for me to catch up to them, but close enough so I can see them. I kept running my pace for the remaining of the race. Not worrying about anybody passing me. As I was approaching the finish, there was a runner who tried to sneak right pass me. I quickly reacted by going fast and sprinting to the finish with an overall time of 40:47 and average pace of 6'32" per mile. I was very happy with myself since it was first race I average 6 minute miles in all my miles. I got even happier when I placed 2nd in my age group m-20-24!! This couldn’t have been possible without the help and support from my lovely girlfriend who pushes me hard and motivates me. She also managed to pull a new pr for 10k race by finishing with a time of 49:44. We both celebrated our new PRs by eating some tacos and burritos lol >_< The sweet taste of victory!! :) We both agreed that will be doing the race next year!! We loved it !


26 days till the Chicago Half Marathon :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh Garmin, where have you been all my life?

That's exactly what I asked myself this morning after my test run. This little guy (I have yet to name it)

will be forever on my wrist from now on. Especially since I had to sacrifice the other hand and a toe, these things are not cheap. Hell, I'm going to be in debt for the rest of my life now (school loans, school books, race stuff, clothes ;) might as well get myself a pretty watch right? :)
I gotta admit, it was hard letting go of Nike+. I love that app! But I've been running with it for too long, I needed to move on. Sorry Nike+, it was me, not you (I swear I'm not cheating on you. :)

 The love began in the summer of 09'. I logged my first "run" with it August 2nd of 2009, so that makes 3 years since then. Phew time flies... Here are some screen shots of my memories with it :) After a total of 1,734.21 miles, countless number of shoes, and a ton of water bottles later...

Cue in sad song kidding

Moving on. This week has been hectic. Rollercoster-ride-kind hectic. Schools about to start, took my bikemobile (pronounced bike-mobeel, get it? lol) to the bike doctor to get a tune up, gotta get loans out, books and all that shananigans. Here comes long hours of studying, sleepless nights and carpal tunnel syndrome after all the papers I'm going to have to type. Fun! :) No seriously. Aside from all the stress and dark circles under your eyes (maybe a few zits and extra pounds), school is fun and I can't wait to go back. Which reminds me... two weeks left before semester starts. I need to make a bucket list of things to do before summer ends. :)

Of course running will save me! (with the stress and the few extra pounds) Perfect investment in my Garmin see! lol It all works out.

Packet Pick-Up TODAY! Where the hell does time go?! After this weekend, I'm only signed up for two more races?! What?! :( This needs to change haha. After I figure out if I'm willing to sacrifice one of my other 9 toes.

Update on my Challenges/Goals:

-So far I haven't had any munchkins, but I've been super lucky. The only reason why is because they stopped supplying us with munchkins :( haha. hurray?

-And with the Lose 10+lbs Plan? Well I haven't gained anything, so I'm maintaining pretty good. But I can't budge below 134. Grr. I'm trying to figure out why. And before school starts, I'm going to have to see what's up. Maybe the stress this week has been playing with me. Or my mindless eating, woops. Or I haven't really worked out this week, Mondays workout was a killer so it hurts to lift anything. Race is in 3 days and I've got the next two weeks to relax. FINALLY a vacation :) no work or school for two entire weeks! Yee!
So.. I'm in no rush to lose those stinkin' pounds. :) I know I can, and will.



Sittin' on my lunch break typing away.. coolest place on campus