Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oh Garmin, where have you been all my life?

That's exactly what I asked myself this morning after my test run. This little guy (I have yet to name it)

will be forever on my wrist from now on. Especially since I had to sacrifice the other hand and a toe, these things are not cheap. Hell, I'm going to be in debt for the rest of my life now (school loans, school books, race stuff, clothes ;) might as well get myself a pretty watch right? :)
I gotta admit, it was hard letting go of Nike+. I love that app! But I've been running with it for too long, I needed to move on. Sorry Nike+, it was me, not you (I swear I'm not cheating on you. :)

 The love began in the summer of 09'. I logged my first "run" with it August 2nd of 2009, so that makes 3 years since then. Phew time flies... Here are some screen shots of my memories with it :) After a total of 1,734.21 miles, countless number of shoes, and a ton of water bottles later...

Cue in sad song kidding

Moving on. This week has been hectic. Rollercoster-ride-kind hectic. Schools about to start, took my bikemobile (pronounced bike-mobeel, get it? lol) to the bike doctor to get a tune up, gotta get loans out, books and all that shananigans. Here comes long hours of studying, sleepless nights and carpal tunnel syndrome after all the papers I'm going to have to type. Fun! :) No seriously. Aside from all the stress and dark circles under your eyes (maybe a few zits and extra pounds), school is fun and I can't wait to go back. Which reminds me... two weeks left before semester starts. I need to make a bucket list of things to do before summer ends. :)

Of course running will save me! (with the stress and the few extra pounds) Perfect investment in my Garmin see! lol It all works out.

Packet Pick-Up TODAY! Where the hell does time go?! After this weekend, I'm only signed up for two more races?! What?! :( This needs to change haha. After I figure out if I'm willing to sacrifice one of my other 9 toes.

Update on my Challenges/Goals:

-So far I haven't had any munchkins, but I've been super lucky. The only reason why is because they stopped supplying us with munchkins :( haha. hurray?

-And with the Lose 10+lbs Plan? Well I haven't gained anything, so I'm maintaining pretty good. But I can't budge below 134. Grr. I'm trying to figure out why. And before school starts, I'm going to have to see what's up. Maybe the stress this week has been playing with me. Or my mindless eating, woops. Or I haven't really worked out this week, Mondays workout was a killer so it hurts to lift anything. Race is in 3 days and I've got the next two weeks to relax. FINALLY a vacation :) no work or school for two entire weeks! Yee!
So.. I'm in no rush to lose those stinkin' pounds. :) I know I can, and will.



Sittin' on my lunch break typing away.. coolest place on campus