Sunday, August 19, 2012

7 Days

One week left of "vacation" before school begins, and I haven't even done half the things on my Summer Bucket list. Damn you school.. one day I shall be proud of receiving my diploma, but not today, not when it means my summer is over :(

I can't believe today is Sunday. 7 days ago, I was so happy I was finally on vacation, but this Sunday means there's only 7 days left before I'm a prisoner at school. What the hell did I do for the past week?!
Oh yeah.. lay around, go for a run... shower...lay around some more.. ocassionally clean up my room, eat and eat some more. Productive much?

Here's my handy dandy workout log.. I think I did good and used my time wisely in this area lol. I was aiming for 30+ preferably 35miles, and I actually got 43.5 miles done. AND got TWO p90x workouts done. Yeeeeah!  (Overachiever? :) 

Monday- 6mi bike, 6mi recovery run, half of P90x Chest & Back + Abs
Tuesday- 3 mi
Wednesday- 5 mi
Thursday- p90x Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper (Running-Rest)
Friday- 11mi LSD, avg HR 153
Saturday- 5 mi pyramid speed run + 0.4mi cool down
Sunday - 13.1mi unofficial PR (1:52:48) 
OH yeah. Forgot to mention I unofficially PRed my 13.1 miler today. by 4 minutes. can you say HOLY S***!?! yeah. I did. I gotta owe it to the BF. Although I was slowing him down... he paced me and pushed me till the end. (And put up with my loud, off-pitch singing) 
He deserves the best boyfriend award for that :)

Yummy protein shake after the 13miler! Vanilla Cinnamon-Banana Shake 
Pretty trail! New fav route 
McSpeedy pacing me

Ah. I'm going to miss laying around but this week has to be different! Hopefully.

So far my list included:
-Running w/ McSpeedy along lakefront
-Open water swim (I'll take swimming in a pool one last time)
-Bike along lakefront
-Beach! (doubt it's going to get 90+ degrees anymore.. )
-Clean out my room and closet (this is a MUST)
-school supply/book/clothes shopping

What I accomplished this past week?
-Cooked for myself the entire week! :)
-PRed HM distance ;)
-Ran a new route
-added some color into my hair
-Hung out/shopped with a friend

Hmm... I would say semi-successful week?

:) Happy Sunday!

Today's Long Run!