Monday, February 11, 2013

Marathon Training Week 13

I just realized I ran too many miles.. oops.

Monday: Complete rest.. foot issues
Tuesday: Planned 5mi, executed 4.5 Treadmill miles  + Arms&Abs
Wednesday: Overslept, so I ran 5mi in the morning, and 3 TM miles in the evening = 8mi
Thursday: 3 mi outside, 2 mi on TM (intervals) + Arms&Abs = 5mi
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 10mi @ 8:09 the weather was just too damn perfect to pass up + Arms&Abs
Sunday: 20 miles

Total Miles= 47.5 (peak of marathon training)
Times on treadmill = 3 days this week! Woahhh. Thanks to New Girl, I survived

So I thought Saturday's run called for 8 miles when actually I was suppose to run 5.. my bad. Now I know why I felt so tired on Sunday..

The Weather: I feel like I don't even know what to wear anymore..
Thursday was crazy icy outside.
Saturday felt like it was Spring
Sunday's weather sucked compared to Saturday. (high 30s, strong winds, rain)

It was raining when we first started running... As soon as it stopped, it felt 5-10 degrees warmer.. and we started seeing more runners on the path (with shorts) haha, we were no longer the only ones on it.

I had packed skittles and a granola bar in case we got hungry and by mile 7, they were gone haha oops. At one point on the path, there was still snow and ice... apparently they hadn't gotten around to plowing it.. It was def a tough run and took more walking breaks than I would have liked to but at least it's done.

Update on my foot: NO PAIN! woohoo.. I guess the treadmill runs this week helped.. less impact on my foot.

Note to self:
-no skittles or juju fish before a run. Stomach cramps started after mile 12.. or maybe it was the granola bar. Need to keep experimenting with food. ASAP
-Don't drink 24oz of Gatorade before a 20 miler... had to stop twice.
-Look at the marathon plan before going on for a run.. lol
-I think I'm going to need to buy a pair of shoes for the marathon... my Adidas don't feel very comfortable past mile 15. My feet are feeling it today.


*panic attack*

2 weeks till tapering starts! 2 more weeeeeeks!!!!!!


  1. I bet it's the granola bar... the same thing happens if I eat one and run. It's the fiber.

    1. ah the fiber. I forgot! Thanks for pointing it out :)

  2. Yay for no more foot pain!

    I ate skittles during my ultra and while they tasted AMAZING they were NOT amazing on my stomach. LOL!

    You're in good shape! What's with the panic attack? :P

  3. dang, i wish i could have warned you about the skittles! They have definitely reappeared on a run against my will. They are evil! (before a run, anyway, haha!)

    Don't panic - channel that nervous energy into positive thoughts!

  4. I can eat skittles and granola bars during a run with no problems. So, I am no help. :-( Trust your training, know your pace and the marathon will go smoothly. :-)