Monday, February 25, 2013

TAPER TIME! (Marathon Training Week 14 + 15)

Week 14 + 15 went like this...

Week 14
Monday: Rest after 20 miler
Tues/Weds/Thurs: painful 5 milers
Fri/Saturday:  I gave in... painful foot is not going away. Rest!
Sunday: 12 miles... last few miles were painful

Week 15

No running :)
yes, that is a smiley face. I fought the urge every morning to try out my foot. I was miserable (and im still partly miserable).

Monday and Tuesday were the worst... I was suppose to go out marathon shoe shopping but I refuse to walk into a running store without being able to run. That was like a meth addict walking into a... well.. you know what I mean lol. So i was pretty depressed the first few days of the week (and having withdrawals).

By Wednesday or Thursday? I snapped out of it. Partly because I felt sorry for myself. I had stuffed my face over the weekend and just ate my feelings away. I had too much time on my hands.. so I decided my mood wasn't going to get any better unless I did SOMETHING. I was only making things worst.. So I did p90x along with Insanity and actually went to the gym the rest of the week. I forget exactly what I did but I worked out :) it was a combination of cycling and elliptical and I felt 100% times better (mentally). Insanity KILLED ME (and my quads). After the marathon I'm hoping to finish a whole round of Insanity (or some workout plan) and incorporate some running into it.

Anyways. besides cross training and eating anything and everything in site (mostly cereal out of the box) I also studied during my free time and aced all my midterms! Hurray for free time :)

Today I finally went to see a foot doctor.. got x-rays.. got a foot injection (ouch) and got some meds perscribed so the inflammation can go down. Going to go back within a week to see how my foot is holding up. Doctor said I could run as soon as my foot feels 100%.. and only 100%

3 weeks to heal.. and anything that may disturb the healing would be cutting it close.

For now... I'm thinking positive. I may have missed last long run yesterday.. and only ran one 20 miler during marathon training.. but I did what I could. I'm a big believer of mind over matter and i really think that our mind is very powerful.. I gave it my 100% before my injury and will give it my 110% the day of the marathon.

What i learned?: things happen for a reason..
So maybe I injured myself at the total inappropriate time.. but I'm going to learn my lesson and not over train (and remember to stretch and ice and listen to my body next time). Yes, next time! I am looking into a fall marathon... more on that later

So umm.. taper time? :D

Update on fundraising: My mom is a lifesaver! She went to Wisconsin over the weekend where half my family lives and raised $360 for me! AHH! i love her so much :)

Im wondering "how am I suppose to adjust to my running schedule once I do come back?" Hmm.. im guessing nice and slow.. but im suppose to decrease my mileage... ah. anywho..

19 days until L.A.!!!!


  1. Glad to hear you took it easy and saw a doctor and got some professional advice. I think most minor to medium pains clear up in 3 weeks. I think you'll also be okay with the one 20 miler under your belt. You are right about over-training. It is my biggest issue in marathon training. Only 3 out of 6 U.S. Olympic marathoners actually made it to the finish line last year, the other 3 were injured! Marathoners tend to do too much preparation and end up on the sidelines because they didn't take it a notch slower/shorter. Anyway, it's all a learning experience and you will definitely be a little wiser in preparation for your fall marathon. I can relate to your eating during your downtime. I too, am totally stuffing my face in lieu of running!

  2. At least you aced midterms?! LOL. You totally have the right perspective. Rest. Do what you can. It sounds like you are killing it at the gym!

    Oh man. I get crazy with cereal out of the box too!

  3. Just think of it as being really dedicated to tapering! Glad you went and saw the doc :)