Monday, April 1, 2013

Easing back in...

6 weeks off from running was both hell and heaven. I started doing things I should've been doing while training for the marathon
-I swim more! and by more.. I mean more than once a week haha
-With the weather being nicer now, I started commuting on my bike to school/work
-I foam roll more often :-)
-I am upping my protein intake! I am horrible at eating anything protein-wise... why can't cereal have like 15g a protein.. I can eat a box a day. I'm not kidding.

Week of March 18-22: Full Recovery week

Mon-Friday: Rest
Saturday: 3.5mi bike ride, 300yd short swim & Stretching

Total Running: 0
Bike: 3.5mi
Swim: 300yds
Strength: 0

Week of March 25-29: Re-adjusting
Mon: Swim 500
Tues: Swim 800
Weds: Run 0.5mi Bike 4.45mi
Thurs: Swim 1000
Fri: Rest
Sat: Bike 8mi
Sun: Rest

Running: 0.5mi
Swim: 2300yds
Bike: 12.45
Strength: 0

This will be week 7 since I haven't had a decent run. For now, I'm not complaining about anything.. instead I'm liking my new "training/recovery"schedule I've been working on, which will mostly involved swimming, biking, strength and stretching.. sounds more of a tri training plan huh? ;-)
At the end of the month is the Nike Womens half in DC.. and I'm actually not stressing over it. As of now, it's chill mode.. haha.

Nutrition: Since the marathon, I've been tracking what I've been eating in order to make sure I get in all my nutrients hehe. And I cannot manage to eat enough protein. :( but I have noticed I bounced back to my pre-marathon (more like pre-injury) weight! HURRAY! not that it matters too much.. atleast I am not feeling pressured to jump into running yet. I feel goooood, with or without running, as long as I'm doing SOMETHING.

April will be a good month :-)

(...and if it's not, oh well.. I'm 20 yrs old.. I'm too young to be stressing over the little things in life haha)



  1. Glad to hear you are easing back into your training and you are in "chill mode!" :-)

    1. thanks Pete! One day at a time