Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nike Women's Half Marathon: Goals

The DC Nike Women's Half is this weekend.. AHHH!!!!!

Am I ready? hahahahaha.  no.

Will I wimp out? Nope.

As it turns out.. I'm not ready to race quite yet. I've been able to get some really really short runs in during the week. I registered for the Leaning Tower YMCA Sprint Tri along with Christina! So this was able to take my mind of running and focus my energy on my swimming technique and biking. My knees took a beating after the marathon, so this left me with no choice. I'm gonna run the half ... but not race it. I will try the walk/run method.. depending on how I feel.

I am expecting no miracle. Because really, I just want to finish. It will be like last June all over again. Lining up at my first half... about to face the unknown. I really really want to finish. I WILL walk to the finish line if that's what it takes. Plus, they have a really cute Tiffany necklace waiting at the finish line ;)

This will be a girl's getaway trip right before finals, so all I want is to enjoy and take a tour around DC.

Expected Finish Time? uhm... I don't know. Maybe I'll get lucky and score a sub 2? :-)

I have to admit, I am a little sad that this will break my Half-PRing-Streak. But God does things for a reason.. I have to learn the hard way... I will not always PR. I will not always RACE. I will not always have a good time.. but I will try :)

Gosh... I miss my speedier/workable legs..


  1. It will be great just to be in DC in the spring. I've heard it is quite nice. You are right, we can't PR every race, so we have to just chill and have fun. I understand you missing your speedier legs. I want to jump right back into my high mileage and speed work, but hopefully, I am wiser this time around and will gradually build up. Don't want any more injuries this year! (fingers crossed). Have a great race and a fun weekend! :-)

  2. Enjoy the race and the sight seeing! Make memories!