Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cake for Breakfast

Goals for today:

-Keep portions under control
-try to squeeze in my greens and fruits!
-dance off some calories

Today, my youngest and last aunt (out of 9) is finally getting married, which means lots of delicious food and cake. and more cake. and a big cake and more food. (pictures later)

I woke up feeling groggy this morning and a run would definitely fix my mood. I was thinking about the Chicago 10k in 2 weeks and decided to time myself. I PR'ed it :D "unofficially" but I did. Back in April, I finished the Chi Town 10k at 52 minutes. Today, I did it in 50:28. The day of the race my goal is to finish it at least at a 49:59. *fingers crossed* 

Time Trial 10k,  50:28 

The weather, in the 70s, made it a whole lot easier. Hopefully we get lucky with some good weather on the 12th. *fingers crossed again* This mornings run was beyond amazing. Except for one thing. I was having stomach issues. I know next time to never eat dairy the night before. Turns out I slept walked and ate cereal with some milk and a little ice scream. This only happens when I fall asleep and I'm craving something or I'm stressed. But anywho! Note to self: no dairy before a race. My stomach felt super bloated. 

Afterwards I made myself a protein shake for breakfast. Wasn't in the mood for any solid food so I took it to work. 

Note to self: buy skim milk, had to use 2% but eh.. potato potahto

During my "lunch" hour, more like breakfast, some ladies in the cafeteria were cutting a cake for the birthday girl. I was offered some not once. Not twice. But at least 10 times. I kept thinking if I was being rude? Should I have accepted the cake and took it home? Thrown it out? I felt guilty after standing up to leave, and once again they asked me to take a piece. Crap. I really felt bad. 

So is it bad declining sweets or food in general, when people offer it to you?
What would you do in my place? 

PS. going to need more protein powder! I need suggestions! 

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Protein powder is so expensive! The one I like that's unflavored is $54 for five pounds. That won't be happening anytime soon.