Friday, May 17, 2013

April Miles bring May SMILES!

I wanted to find a word to rhyme with "miles" but I failed miserably. haha.
co-worker actually yelled Smiles just as I posted this entry. ha!
Sorry... that was irrelevant.


I'm like 2 weeks late but who cares! I have gotten really bad at logging my bike/swims .. especially on DM. It's gotten real messy.

Total Bike (Commute & Non-commute): ~215.2 miles
Total Swim: ~4,250yds
Total Run: 32miles (!)
Total p90x Sessions: 17

Pre-Bike Mini-Accident, I can run again! I have been trying to run 2 times a week and I think I'm ready to increase it to 3 times :) so happy.. then the mini-accident happened yesterday and I will not run till the tri. I am just gonna let it heal/rest.

I've been able to stick to the p90x program! I got through April.. and I'm currently finishing week 6. I def feel the difference. I was able to do a couple pull-ups. I have always struggled to do ANY. And I went and bought myself a pull-up bar. 6 weeks into the program, and I am able to do an unassisted pull up (or 2.. or 3 I cant count). I have to jump and grab on since I'm kinda short, but I did it! *happy dance

I'm getting use to swimming, but I lack technique.. so I am no pro just yet haha. But seriously, I need a coach or something to tell me what I am doing wrong or what to adjust. I know my freestyle looks like I'm fighting the water.

Bike Commute: I LOVE MY MORNING COMMUTES ON MY BIKE!!! I cannot and will never take the CTA ever again. My home-to-work PR is currently ~34 minutes.. it would usually take me 45+ on the CTA. But now I have to deal with pissy drivers.. whatevs. You need to wake up an extra 5 min earlier lady, not my fault the road is under construction... more on pissy drivers later.
On a serious note, please be aware of any bikers on the street. I try to be as courteous and BRIGHT as possible so everyone sees me. But people are just in a rush all the time...

Now that I bike to work/school.. I've seen the weirdest of things.. so I think I'm going to start a "What I saw on my Commute" thing. haha.

Weirdest/Silly/Random things so far

  • Dude riding with one arm on handle and the other drinking coffee (dude, how do you do that?!)
  • Mom seriously multi-tasking (she was walking her dog on the street..on her bike... while her little boy biked on the sidewalk to school)
  • Dad & Mom biking... while the mom had her little daughter on one of these.. cutest thing!

  •  Guy with rear-view mirrors on his bike
  • Girls with sundresses... uhm. I wonder how they do that. and can you teach me 
  • a banana peel on the street. Just like in Mario Kart haha

I was so distracted and dazing off yesterday, that I almost busted my front tire (WE NEED MORE BIKE LANES Mr. Rahm Emanuel!)

I was in high spirits and on my way home.. going a tad bit fast. I was approaching a bridge.. and didn't want to bike over the weird metal square things on the bridge. So, I biked onto the sidewalk. I was going too fast to notice I was approaching one of these

 instead of this...

 I tried braking but my back wheel skidded instead of stopping (from the cracked pavement and rocks)... that I ended up on the ground. Ouch.

I'm so glad I always wear my helmet and I'm also glad my gloves arrived a few days ago in the mail. Or else my hands would look like my arm and knees. haha. I only scraped my knees, elbow and my shoulder a tad bit. Oh and a bruise... but all else is well!

Today I am scheduled to swim a few laps... but idk. IT BURRRNNNSSSSSS.

I hope this little accident of mine doesn't interfere with the tri in 2 days.... It left me with a huge bruise on my knee... and the knee isn't feeling so good. damnit.

This year I turned into accident/injury prone person... let's see how this goes.


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  1. Ouch! Looks painful. I only usually use gloves and a helmet, but it looks like it wouldn't be a bad idea to wear long sleeves and pants next time I ride. Hopefully it heals quickly! :)