Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SportCount Counter (for swimmers) Review!

I've incorporated swimming during the week while my knee gets better as well as biking. Something that would really bug me was losing count of the laps I was swimming.. I have the memory of a goldfish lol so I tried timing myself with my iPhone (leaving it wrapped in my towel) jumping out of the pool and typing in the laps.. this only worked for so long. And I didn't want to keep taking my phone to the pool. I searched and searched and found this little itty-bitty mini-garmin haha for swimming. I don't regret the $30.

-It counts my laps every time I clicked it with my thumb
-It's small enough to put on your finger and forget it's there
-It keeps track of your overall time, Fastest/Slowest lap
-Spits out your average lap time too
-for $30, it does it's job well

Like I said, a mini-garmin haha :-)

So if you like to swim.. and are like me and my horrible memory.. I really recommend this little device. I can't swim without it now lol

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  1. Aww man! What a cool device! I would forget laps too. Before I had a garmin, I would forget how many laps I ran! A friend of mine had the same issue and said he would pick up 5 leaves (for 5 laps) and drop one each time he passed the start point. I bet I would forget how many I started with! Ha ha ha!