Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Alive!

Finals are OVER. and I was so into studying and all that shenanigans that I aced all my finals. My goal for this semester was to try getting all A's and I did it! I was def slacking last year.. Oops. Take that Junior year!

I won't be on summer vacation for long.. :(
I'm taking some extra courses over the summer and still working part-time. I'm also starting to look into potential grad schools.. dun dun dun.

Has anyone taken the GRE? I have no idea how that works.. but I guess it's time to take it soon... ??

Ay ay ay..

I will def do an April recap before my first sprint tri this weekend. I'm super excited. I've been somewhat training for it while trying to balance school work these past few weeks, so we'll see how I do. Other than that, HELLO SUMMER!

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  1. I avoided the GRE since I hate standardized tests and went to a Grad School that didn't ask for it! hah.

    Hello summer indeed!