Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: Newborn Runner & Goals

Goals for 2012:
  • Half Marathon under 2 hours
  • Run 1000 miles (1295mi ✓)
  • Run a sub 1:50 at the Chicago Half
  • Run 12 races 
  • Lose 10+ lbs over the summer (failed)  
  • Run 1:45 Half Marathon (failed) 2013, you better be ready!
ChiTown 10k

This year was full of PRs and new distances, which I predict will happen less often in 2013 since this was my first year racing. I never thought I would be training for my full marathon at the end of 2012, but here I am. Looking back, this was an amazing year. I have learned alot from other runners and I feel like next year will be even better.

2012 Mini Recaps

April 1 - Chi Town 10k (52:21)  8:26 pace 
First 10k and race #2. I wasn't expecting to place in my AG or run a sub 8:30 pace since I had no idea what "speed work" consisted of. Goal: finish
Goal: Achieved. Placed 2nd in AG (PR? at one point)

June 24 - Chicago Women's Half Marathon (1:57.17)  8:57 pace
First Half Marathon, registered 20 days prior to race day. Why? Because I thought I was finally ready. Goal: Run a sub 2:00
Goal: Achieved
Chicago Women's Half Marathon

July 22 - Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon (1:56.32)
2nd Half Marathon, goal: PR
Sprinting to the start line or the 80+ degree weather didn't help, but surprisingly I still PRed :D

August 12 - Chicago 10K (49:44)  8:00 pace
2nd 10k, Goal: Sub-50min
I knew what I was doing by now. Speed work, and the weather cooperated. 

Goal: Achieved (PR)
September 9 - Chicago Half Marathon (1:49.27)
This was my Goal Race. I had been wanting to do this race since 2011 (when I would only run up to 5 miles and had hopes of finishing this race one day) and today I wanted to run a 1:50.
Goals: Achieved (PR & sub-1:50)

Chicago Half Marathon
September 16 - Newton Ready to Run 20miler
This wasn't a race, but I broke my distance record to date here. It was tough, and painful. I should've trained for it or something. But now 16 miles doesn't sound so bad now during marathon training.  

October 26 - Freedom Isn't Free 5k (23:51) 
First 5k, Goal: a 23:xx time
Going into this race, I didn't know what to expect. I had been doing half marathons all summer. So this kind of scared me. 

Goal: Achieved (PR?), Placed 1st in AG

November 10- Chicago Perfect 10 - 10k(48:43)                                         Current 10k PR*
Goal: PR, this was just a random race that was paid for by UIC and the only thing I wanted was a faster time. 
Chicago Perfect 10
Goal: Achieved (PR), Placed 3rd in AG

November 18 - Lincolnwood Turkey Trot 10k (48:45)
Goal: PR. This was the first ever race I did not place or PR. My excuse? well 20-29 AG is tough to place in and I had just PRed a week before. Still had fun
Goal: failed :(

November 22- Long Grove Turkey Trot 5k (23:45)  
More turkey-trotting! This was one my favorite races.
Goal: Achieved (PR & Placed 2nd)

December 9 - Rudolph Ramble 8k (38:36)
Indy Santa Hustle Half Marathon
First 8k. Tough overall, felt exhausted and I hated speed at the moment. Didn't place but it's a PR? I think lol since there are no other times for this distance. ✓-ish

December 16 - Santa Hustle Indy Half Marathon (1:48.39)             Current Half Marathon PR* 
Goal was to PR, and to run a race out-of-state! 
Goal: Achieved (PR and Placed 3rd)

December 29 - Dash Into The New Year 5k (23:06)                                       Current 5k PR* 
This race wrapped the year up. Left me wanting to race another 5k soon. Def achieved my goal of a PR and placed 1st in my AG and 2nd Overall female.

Total Miles: 1295mi
Total Races: 12
PRs: 11
Placed in top 3 AG: 6 times

Progress in 2012:

In 2013, I'm hoping for some great races, and great times. I feel like I have barely started learning and training that I def have better times in me. So far, I have no scheduled races between now and the marathon, I'm not sure what I'm going to blog about from now until then :/ haha (The marathon is looming closer and closer  Ahh!)

Blogging-wise, I never thought people would actually read this haha :)

Happy Running! And Happy New Year!

What do you expect to see in 2013? Trying anything new? (distances, races, cross-training,etc)


  1. That's an awesome year! I hope you get that 1:45 half in 2013 :)

  2. Nice year! Congrats. If you keep running like you do, you should smash your PRs in 2013!