Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Marathon Training Week 6 +7

Week 6
Week 6
Monday- I was suppose to go swim with JV... but we got lazy. Took a rest day because I can (and because of Sundays Half)
Tuesday- easy slow 3 miler (9:00min pace)
Wednesday- 5
Thursday- another 3 slow miles
Friday- Rest Day :)
Saturday- 6 mi
Sunday- I cut it short by a mile because I felt like crap. 8 miler. Done

Week 6 was a "step back" week, and the whole week I tried keep my pace above 8:30 and around 9:00min miles. I felt exhausted, I don't know if it was the half marathon, or the temperatures getting colder, or my lack of motivation but I felt crappy.

Week 7
Week 7
Monday- (Christmas Eve) Cross-training consisted of 2 slow miles, stretching and abs (again, I suck at cross-training)
Tuesday- Progressive run 4 Miles
Wednesday- 7 miler. Nothing interesting
Thursday- Wooh! Speedwork! Did 8x400s (with progressive effort each one) recovery jogs in b/w 4mi 
Friday- ..err "Rest Day". I was feeling good, so I jumped on the treadmill for 30min and also did some p90x arms and shoulders
Saturday - Dash into the New Year 5k + 4 slowwww tough miles = 7 miles
Sunday - Long Run! ah. it was hard and cold. Need to start experimenting with energy gels and stuff. I'm glad I wasn't alone thanks to JV and Christina (who joined me half way). 14 miles done!!

Week 7- I felt really good, thanks to the step-back week and slow running during week 6. I think the PR had something to do with recovery week.

So far, I love this training plan. I think it really fits to what I'm use to running and I even added some running days when I wasn't suppose to for week 7.. so thats a good sign I picked the right plan. If I feel the same way next week, I might even consider going up a level to Intermediate II.. I'll see.

Shoes- the day of the 14miler, I used my Saucony Hurricane 14's. The only thing I don't like about them is that I tend to blister for 12+milers in them, in one certain spot on my toe.. wierd. I've tried everything from putting glide and band aid on it, but no cigar. So I'm looking for new distance shoes. I have started breaking into my adidas and the longest run on them has been 7 miles.. so far so good. But for a marathon? Not sure yet. They felt awesome for the 5k, thats for sure.

Energy Gels/Gu's - Have not tried anything on my runs yet. During half marathons, I usually take Shot Bloks, yummy. Except, at the end of each race, my tummy usually tends to cramp up a little. Experimenting will  start soon and hopefully I'll incorporate real food like pretzels.. but during the winter runs I will probably not want anything besides something warm. lol

Half way through marathon training! ahhh.

-Does it really matter if I stick 100% with the mid-week runs? Sometimes I feel like running more, but I stop myself since I feel it might affect the rest of the week.

-Any food/energy chews/gels you recommend?


  1. Looks like you had a solid week of training! I can't really recommend any energy chews or gels but i have heard that people eat orange slices. Thank you so much for letting me join you on your long run. I hope I didnt slow you guys down to much :).

    1. mmm orange slices sound good lol I love oranges! And no problem Christina! You helped distract me from the miles I still had to cover haha

  2. Have you considered going up a half size on the shoe that causes the blister? Maybe your toe is hitting the front or the side of the shoe and it would get more space if you wore a bigger size. Just a thought...

    1. Didn't think of that. And I usually blister in both pairs of Saucony's I own.. I think I'll try it next time I buy a pair. Thanks pete!