Monday, January 28, 2013

Marathon Training Week 10 + 11

I'm starting to panic.. just a little.

Week 12 begins today. With a well deserved rest day. I will do absolutely nothing (I'm doing my body a favor and letting it recover) .

NO Crosstraining
NO treadmill
NO abs
(just a slow mile bike commute to class)

Even if the weather is tempting me... (NOW it decides to warm up.. sheesh)

I am feeling sore this morning, and this week is "step-back" week! Yes! I love it.. because it couldn't have come in a better time. I need to rest and catch up on school work haha.

Week 10
Monday: Cross-training 10.5mi on the bike, short swim, and p90x Shoulders+Arms
Tuesday: 4 slow miles + abs
Wednesday: 8mi
Thursday: Intervals! 1mile warm-up, 6x400s at 5k pace. p90x Arms + Abs
Friday: switch my Saturday run (8miles) to today. Need to rest before Sunday's 5k/Long Run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Midwinter Cruise 5k (22:57) + 14miles @ 8:42pace = 17.1miles

Total Running Miles: 41
Total Bike Miles: 10.5
How I felt: Good, for the most part. A little sluggish during the week, but made up for it Thursday and Sunday with some speed.

Week 11

Monday: Rest Day (biked ~4mi to school)
Tuesday: 5 miles in the COLD 0 degress but feels like -16 degree weather.+ p90x arms & abs
Wednesday: Felt sluggish, so I opted for 5 No Garmin miles instead of 8.
Thursday: I felt better, so I did 4 miles outside, but the snow slowed me down. Treadmill Intervals 6 miles (Total 10miles) + 'Flex' Drop-in Fitness Class
Friday: Rest
Saturday: f^3 Lake Half Marathon (PR!) + 5 mi = 18miles
Sunday: Slow 7 miler

Total Running Miles: 45
Total Bike Miles: ~9
How I felt: Sore from the half, and the extra 12 miles after the race but overall, I feel good. I'm at the point in the marathon plan where my weekly mileage peaks. (I even added a mile or two this week and last just because I felt comfortable) And so far, my legs have been holding up pretty well. I'm trying to fit in cross training and strength workouts.. and sometimes I forget to log them. Oops. But I've been sticking to it! I've also started biking from one campus to the other (~1mi) everyday instead of the bus, does that count as cross-training? lol

According to dailymile... the f^3 Half was intense haha (my heart rate)

Week 12, prepare to be demolished!
I'm going to take it relatively easy this week. and maybe even try out the cycling class I've been curious about. Don't want to get injured, burn out or lose motivation. I'm really excited for the weeks to come


  1. Sounds like you are doing great! :) You will be SO ready for your marathon!

  2. You are getting a ton of mileage in. Wow. You will be so ready.