Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do Not Underestimate Clouds

Thunderstorm + Running = no good.
Thunderstorm + Running + iPhone = disaster.

Monday night after a p90x session, I rolled my legs. So I thought, "they don't feel so bad, I should run tomorrow morning". Yeah :-). This morning I wake up on time, change and rush out the door. When I'm around a mile and half away from my house, I thought I could make it back in time before the rain came down. I look up at the sky. Holy moly..

BEFORE the storm
Yeah. The clouds were taking over. I thought, "eh a little rain ain't gonna stop me".
I think that set the clouds off because next thing I know it started raining like crazy. Then the wind started going all crazy. Garbage and rocks and I dont know what else was hitting my face. Yuck. Need. To. Find. Cover.

This whole time I had my iPhone in my hand. Crap. So I stuck it in my shorts and started running back home. AHHH more wind and hail..? or what felt like hail. My poor phone :( The more I ran, the more my phone wanted to fall out. Even thought it was underneath my clothes, I knew it wasn't safe :(

Crap. I'm going to be late for work. I ran home, showered, packed my lunch and then...

McSpeedy saved the day :)
and drove me to work.

If he hadn't come and saved the distressed Luz, then this post would've been longer, and I would've cursed out the CTA a couple times. AND most likely, would have been late to work.



-3 mile recovery run (?) Check! lol Legs are feelings great.

-As for breakfast, treated myself to some Chai tea
Half a whole wheat bagel thin w/ peanut butter :)

***Day 2 of NO Munchkins.
-I made it a goal everyday, when I walk into the office, not to touch any munchkins.
It's 9:55am, and so far so good :-)

***Day 2 of "Lose 10+ lbs" Plan, yeah! so far clean eating and yesterdays p90x session really got my arms sore. but feelin' great ;)

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