Tuesday, July 17, 2012



They suck even more when its 80+ degrees outside (at 6am). And you decide to sleep in instead of running your planned 5 miles. My weekend (running-wise) was no fun.

Saturday- Rest Day (it was raining, I was tired :P )
Sunday - LSD (10 miles)

Sunday's run was horrible. I slept in.. again and I had 10 miles planned in my had. I stepped outside around 10am and BAM! its 95+ degree outside. Or atleast it felt like it. The worst weather, in my opinion, is when its really hot, no wind, and it's super humid. The last thing I want to do is to walk outside. But I pushed through every freakin' step, until I did those 10 miles. I thought about turning back so many times. Things got a little freaky at mile 5, I had to walk and then lay down for a little while since I started feeling a little sick and lightheaded. After that 5 minute break, I told myself to stop if I needed to, didn't want to end up on the sidewalk...unconscious. haha.

 Recently, I've been having massive stomach cramps after a long run. And dizziness. I know it's because I don't hydrate properly, or cool down, but I'm still not certain what exactly it is. It randomly hits me, short or long runs, hot or cold (they're more likely to hit me long runs tho).

Well that settles Sunday.
Monday morning comes, I sleep in, go to work and by the time 5pm comes and I'm getting home thinking "YEAH I'm def going to run!!! BRING IT"... I lay down and watch tv, take 5 min nap, do laundry and other things around the house...and think about skipping today's workout and call it a Rest Day :). I was putting my workout off.

Nope, not me. So I changed as soon as the sun went down (it was too hot during the day) and headed outside. I was thinking of doing a short 5 miler since I missed it in the morning, but my legs were feeling great! I guess since I was going so slow on Sunday. I ended up doing another 10 miles and getting home around 10:30. Stomach cramps after my run threw me off my groove. I guess gulping down water wasn't such a good idea. I went right to bed. For sure, this will be my last long-ish run before this weekends Rock N' Roll. I don't want to die in this weeks heat before the race ;)

Monday: 10 miles

For today, I have run club and I'm estimating about a 2-3 mile run with the rest of the group. Looks mighty hot outside.

Monday & Tuesday Food Log
The usual half bagel thin (whole wheat) w/ PB*
Chai tea

Packed Snacks
Diced pears
Applesauce :)
 greek yogurt

Side Salad
Half bagel thin w/ cheese wedge

Monday afternoon snack: POP! Chips
and banana w/ PB before run
since I felt sick, couldn't eat my dinner :(

Tuesday's planned dinner: Subway chicken salad :D

And.. ofcourse I cheated on Monday morning with 2 munchkins and a cookie
Tuesday morning it was 1.5 munchkins lol :D

New Discovery @ Target!
-I love target, period.
-I love target even more when they have packaged goodies like 100 calorie packs of the real good stuff, unlike cookies and all that junk. I found this treasure on the peanut aisle.
100 calories almond and walnut packs. Now I won't go over my calories if I wanna add some to my yogurt or salad those mornings when I'm in a rush, typically everyday ;)

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