Saturday, July 7, 2012


So yesterday I was browsing around reading blogs, race recaps and all that junk and came across a written piece of work that got to me. I will forever have this post bookmarked. :)

Sometimes we need inspiration and motivation to keep on going.
We need that little "push" like those few yards from the finish line, the rush to just keep on going
and finish what you started.

Sometimes I lack that motivation, recently anyway, and feel like maybe I've lost that spark. That little feeling of satisfaction after a run. Maybe because I'm putting to much pressure on myself, maybe the weather, but whatever it is, was all gone after I read this blog. I have faith that I will finish my second half marathon, stronger than my first. After my first half, I felt that maybe I didn't push myself hard enough (Chicago Women's Half). I finished at 1:57, right below the 2 hour mark. In my head, I had the 2 hour mark as my goal, my instinct was to run at a comfortable pace and finish. I don't regret feeling comfortable the whole way, but I feel like maybe I could've done better. But who doesn't feel that way? "I could've done this/that better". Yeah Yeah yeah... Not going to beat myself up.

BUT. I have another chance to push myself. The Rock N' Roll Chicago half is coming up in just 2 weeks, just 4 weeks after my first half.

Can I break my 1:57?

Is it possible? Well yeah, anything is possible right.
But lately the weather has been extremely hot, and my runs have SUCKED.

Just thinking of finishing under 1:57 gives me the butterflies. But I know that to get there, I will have fight and push to the last second on that big clock. I am not going to be able to control the weather that morning, but I will fight.
In my head I'm going for a sub 1:55, maybe even a 1:50. But that's just crazy talk ;)

And for the next two weeks, whenever I'm not feeling like my running-self, I will keeping remembering how far I've come.

You can do anything if you set your mind to it.

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