Monday, July 2, 2012


HOLY CRAP! November feels like a LOONGGG time ago. And looking back at that post, I feel like I have honestly accomplished alot. Actually, more than I thought I would ever accomplish.
Not only do I still run, but

-I completed my first Half Marathon (under 2 hrs! Yeaaah!)
-I could run at a sub 8 min pace.. still have to run a 5k to see how fast I could really go ;)
-and I've also lost about 40 pounds and am currently trying to maintain this weight (although trying.. not so much..but trying to lose atleast another 10 ;) That would be nice and it would also improve my time LOL.

This made my day. How come I don't remember typing up that post? Hmm.
Anywho! I will def need to log a run tonight.
Haven't been feelin it lately. Need some new motivation or a new playlist.. or new clothes. or new SHOES?!
Yesss, I'm looking for new shoes AGAIN! (I'm a girl, what do you expect?)
Plus this helps keep me motivated to train for my next Half.. dun dun dun in 20 days.

Hopefully I will find my new shoes after work today, whats better than shoe shopping?!

Deciding on these... or these... decision decision.

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