Thursday, July 12, 2012

Grow some balls

Yeah I said it... I couldn't help write out how annoying it is to read about guys getting chicked and their reactions afterwards. Take for example this guys post. He claims, if a girl is faster than he is, she is either:
-on steroids
-some kind of alien (?)
-or a man.
Give me a break. It's like what happened to Katherine Switzer when they tried to PHYSICALLY remove her from the course, right before crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon, when women were thought to be 'physically incapable'. Guys, get over it. Seriously, if you don't want to get chicked, then run an all-male race. :)

I understand that guys egos are reinforced with physical accomplishments and being able to do things girls can't do. But, nowadays, women are more independent.
What about us girls? It took a lot for me to actually tell people I worked out, that I ran. I was shy to even bring up running because I didn't look like a runner. And it took a long time to even sign up for my first race because I didn't believe in myself. I applaud those girls who do believe in themselves, and have the balls to cross these stupid gender barriers. Have you seen those girls that can lift and bench like guys and have rock-hard abs? I applaud them. There has to come a time when gender barriers have to be crossed. Who said girls can't have muscles and guns? Who said girls can't outrun a guy? I was shy to say before, but I love doing strength training. I love doing weights, push ups, sit ups, anything that gets my upper body sore the next day. So am I guy just because I can probably do more push ups than a weak guy? No.

This girl couldn't have said it better.

"Only one thing is more fragile than the weakest of women: the male ego."
Sorry, I had to vent a little.
There. I'm happy :) haha..

Sidenote: 10 DAYS!! for RN'R!

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