Friday, July 27, 2012

It's F-F-F-Friday!!

Welp, yesterday I felt like crap. Sore. Tired. Sleepy. Moody.
And only ran a mile. womp womp.

But today's finally Friday!!! :-)

Today's workout didn't go as planned BUT still got a workout in :-)
How? Took my workout clothes to work and worked out during my lunch break. Booya! (Sadly, I forgot my towel... :-( lol thank god for hand dryers)
I think I might make this a habit. Friday's is usually a hectic day (12hrs of work, two separate jobs) so its hard to get my workout done.

Took this beautiful picture while on my way down my usual route. It reminded me of those super cold, near 0 degree runs during the winter. The plan today was to get at least a 2mile run and it turned out to be 2.75. Good enough. It beats walking around campus for an hour just to kill time haha..

its so prettty!! :)
Reasons why I love UIC
-its a 5-10min bus ride to target :) or walmart :D
-I can run to lake shore drive and call it a warmup
-there's a Chase, Wendy's, Subway, Jimmy Johns, Yogen Früz, AND UPS Store 5 mins away
-I forgot about Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins...
-there's a cool ass gym on campus
-I get free food all the time for working on campus (Yee!)
-25min train ride to Water Tower! (...and the -underconstruction atm- Nike Store ;)
-I have to love it because I will be spending the rest of my 20s here... hahaha


It's "Weigh-In" Friday!!!
*...drum roll*

And there's good news!!!!!
Last weigh in was on the 22nd(?) and I was 135.6
Today: 134.0!

Day 5 - NO Munchkins.

Hadn't touched a munchkin all week. Bam. Some stale ones are still staring at me from about 15 feet away. (Coworker actually took out a measuring tape to measure it... hahaha)
Luz- 1, Munchkins - 0.

Day 5 - "Lose 10+lbs" Plan

Workouts- Haven't been 100% dedicated but still worked out, so I won't beat myself up.
Eating-wise, I've been eating my meals regularly, trying to squeeze in veggies and fruits. Having a hard time with meat... since I don't know how to cook really well. >_<
So instead I drink protein shakes after my hard workout for the mean time. And eat my usual peanut butter. Every morning without fail.


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  1. Nice that you can run to the lakefront from UIC. I am into drinking the whey protein shakes as well. Congrats on avoiding Munchkins. Luckily, donuts are one thing that I can say "no" to. I get a stomach ache almost immediately after eating one. Happy Friday!